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The most successful, competition-proof and recession-proof leaders have created a brand that is impossible to misunderstand or commoditize.

This podcast honors the journey of distinction, uniqueness and impact entrepreneurship. Host Marissa Brassfield interviews successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors who have created their own category and legacy.

We cover topics like:

  • Reinventing yourself or your business
  • Client success stories that set you apart from the competition
  • Work-life integration and how you uniquely operate
  • Leveraging your expertise and superpowers

These are real stories from real business owners.

Are You in a Category of One?

If you and your business are uniquely positioned in your industry, we’d love to feature you on our podcast. 

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“You wouldn’t ask an astronaut to mow your lawn… that’s the power of differentiation.”

Mike Koenigs

“Those who refuse to evolve are taking the biggest risks.”

Marissa Brassfield