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Mike Koenigs

I’m an unemployable serial entrepreneur with a high-school education, an obsession with gadgets and took everything apart to figure out how it worked as soon as I could crawl. I have the attention span of a bag of gnats on amphetamines.

My curiosity in tech, psychology, entertainment, storytelling, entrepreneurship, marketing and spirit has taken me from witnessing a woman dying of AIDS in a mud hut in Uganda while producing a documentary for my wife’s non-profit, The Just Like My Child Foundation, chanting in the king’s sarcophagus in the great pyramid in Egypt with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, playing didgeridoo on an IMAX movie, producing a feature film, starting and selling 5 businesses from scratch, surviving stage 3a colorectal cancer and creating a video game that shipped in 6 million boxes of General Mills cereal.

I Believe Entrepreneurship is an International Language of Peace, Opportunity, Freedom and Abundance.

I live in San Diego CA - on the beautiful beach in La Jolla Shores with my wife of 20 years, 18 year old son (on his way to CU Boulder) and Lola, our sweet fuzzy kitty.


Superpower Accelerator

Marissa Brassfield

The world’s most visionary entrepreneurs trust Marissa Brassfield to turn their bold ideas into highly profitable business units, revenue-generating implementation teams, and emotionally intelligent content strategies. Known as an operations goddess and lynchpin, Marissa is a parallel entrepreneur, synthesizer-integrator, team operations catalyst, content strategist, and experience designer.

She’s created strategies, launched products, organized experiences, and recruited small teams that have collectively driven hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Fortune 100 executives and global leaders like Peter Diamandis. As an international event designer and showrunner for Diamandis’ Abundance 360 mastermind, her stages have been the intellectual playground of leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Tom Bilyeu, and executives from Microsoft, Uber, HTC China and IBM Watson. 

Marissa is also a high-performance writer and content marketer, with over 15,000 online articles published under her name and several thousand articles ghostwritten for some of the names above. Her perspectives on productivity and the future of work have been featured in print and online at Entrepreneur, Forbes, Lifehacker, Singularity Hub, The Discovery Channel, The Muse, Huffington Post and more.

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Director of Client Experience

Aaron Biblow

Aaron Biblow has been in sales since he was 15, and has run and owned marketing agencies since 2015. Previously, Aaron was a musician (with shoulder-length hair!) who played shows in front of thousands and appeared twice on Canadian Idol. He’s passionate about personal development, mental health and wellness, and brings this background and a high degree of emotional intelligence to his work with Superpower Accelerator clients. Aaron is an avid skier and has a collection of over 200 board games.

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Social Media Manager / Writer / Podcast Producer

Nikki Packard

If you’ve seen the articles in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Influencive, receive our newsletter, listened to or watched the Capability Amplifier or Big Leap Podcast, or visited our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram pages, you’ve seen Nikki Packard’s work. She’s in charge of all outward-facing communications for The Superpower Accelerator and MikeKoenigs sites, drawing on over 25 years of experience working with some of the most successful and creative entrepreneurs in the country. When she isn’t hiking and exploring the great outdoors, she enjoys traveling the world (Bali, Paris, Italy, and Costa Rica are some favorites) and volunteering for farm animal sanctuaries all over the east coast.

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Executive Assistant

Laurie Hull

Leading all things logistics, scheduling and keeping “the wheels on the bus,” Laurie tracks the seemingly infinite details and personalities entrepreneurial businesses deal with. She is the “gatekeeper” and master calendar juggler, and has worked with Mike for over 12 years in several capacities. In her spare time, she is a master seamstress and creates custom costumes for her annual attendance at the Renaissance Festival and other events.

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Executive Assistant

Charlson C

Charlson manages the team’s systems, tools, and social media conversations, making sure they are always on and working smoothly. When it comes to coordinating websites for the shopping carts, Zapier integrations, data management, Typeform, plugins and all the magic to make them behave, Charlson is the wizard behind the curtain. Charlson enjoys playing sports, exercising, and spending quality time with his wife and two kids.

"Luck is not a matter of luck—it has rules, and science behind those rules."

Gay Hendricks

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